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In search of the true essence of dance


Taiwanese Indigenous music and dance are diverse; among them, the Pangcah group, the largest population,is particularly colorful in music and dance. However, there is no specific word for "dance" in the Pangcah language. But the Pangcah still perform lisin (commonly known as the Harvest Festival) in July and August every year, and people call the dance and music shown during the ritual "sakero."
The term "sakero" in the Pangcah language describes the body movement when performing the lisin ritual. It is also the term that the Pangcah generally believe is the closest to describing "dance." Therefore, through the perspective of "sakero," Kuo-Hsin Chuang Pangcah Dance Theatre explores the contemporary dance culture of the Pangcah people and its interpretive significance.

Critic Reviews

​| TAIWAN IN AVIGNON - Festival Off Avignon 2023 |

Jean BARAK Reporter Photographe​​​  barakjean

L'Œil d'Olivier Olivier Frégaville-Gratian d'Amore


La Provence Par La Provence Y.B​

​| Dance Critique in Taiwan |

In the context of "sakero," the simple bamboo pole object has multiple meanings  Chang, Yi-Wen – Taishin Arts Award nominator

In "sakero," the bending and re-stepping steps break away from the original Pangcahilisin, and the movement forms and rhythms are deconstructed and reorganized into a cultural container.
Cheng, Yi-Fang – Critic of the Performing Arts Project

"sakero" has some clearly recognizable ritual movements, such as crossing hands in a circle,stomping, sliding, etc. 
Wu, Si-Feng – Taishin Arts Award nominator

"sakero" is a remarkable dance work that introduces us to the life and death of a culture.   Shi, Zhong-Shan - Dean, College of Indigenous Studies,National Dong Hwa University


photo by 林峻永


藝術總監暨編舞家Artistic Director&choreographer: CHUANG Kuo-Shin 莊國鑫
副團長Deputy Artistic Director:CHENG Ching- Hui 鄭靜慧
亞維儂演出舞者名單 Dancers:KAO Yi-Fan 高依梵、lciyang・NAMOH 尹將.那默、Uti・MAYAW 舞娣.瑪耀、LIN Chih 林芝、Sawmah・KAROH 少瑪.卡蘿、YU GAO-Yi-Cheng余高翊誠、Yi Jiang・A TING 一江.阿萣
主視覺設計Key Visual Designer:KAO Yi-Fan 高依梵
燈光設計Lighting Designer:SONG Yong-Hong 宋永鴻
協同燈光設計與技術統籌Associate lighting designer & Technical Coordinator:WU Yi-Ju吳以儒
服裝設計Costume Designer:HUANG Chih-Yang 黃稚揚
音樂作曲者/公司:Music:Selections de Wimme 'Wimme' © Zen Master Records & Publishing / Rockadillo Records, Finland
影像攝影Image:LIN  Chun - Yung 林竣永
行政&翻譯: Translator & Administrator:TSENG Hsin-Ya 曾新雅
Sakero錄影及剪輯Videographer and Editor:LEE Chi-Hung 李基宏,片子國際有限公司One Work International Ltd.
2019 Skero研發期 Research and Development team 
共同編創Collaborating Choreographer: ROB Heaslip
戲劇顧問 Dramaturgy: ANGUS McLean Balbernie  
藝術顧問 Mentor:MORAGg Deyes 
國際開發製作人 International development Producer:YEH Jih-Wen 葉紀紋
舞者 Dancers:JOANNE Pirrie、 Iciyang.NAMOH 尹將.那默、WANG Yu-Yuan 王昱媛

形象影片Image Video

導演 Director:LEE Shiun-Huan 李尋歡

導演助理 Director Assistant:CHEN Lin-Yun 陳苓云

文案 Copywriter:LEE Shiun-Huan 李尋歡

製片團隊 Production Team:QianMo Studio 阡陌所

製片 Producer:TU Ying-Ying 杜盈瑩

執行製片 Line Producer: LIAO Jing 廖昀靖

生活製片 Catering & Craft Service:HUANG Boni  黃伯尼

攝影師 Director of Photography:CHANG Pi-Kai 張賁凱

攝影大助 Focus Puller:HSU Chang-Chun 徐章竣

攝影二助 2st Assistant Camera:CHIU Wei-Chieh 邱威傑、WANG Hao 王浩

攝影器材 Photographic Equipment:旋轉牧馬 Merry Go Round Inc.、Lensbank

鏡頭銀行 Lensbank 器材車 Transportation:協明企業社 She-Ming Inc.

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