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Craze for Ritual

Oh, distant ancestral spirits,  where are you?

You seem so near that I could touch you, yet sometimes you’re like a dream; long gone and vanished,Fragments of memories that will never be piece back together.

The demented and ferocious beast is in sight,Only when tears tumble down my face Do I realize, it is my heart that is demented Please forgive me, ancestral spirits!

Critic Reviews

| Taiwan premiere |

Source | Preface from Craze for Ritual program
Author | Chih-Fang Chao

In what other forms can the aborigines dance? The development of Taiwan society in the last decade demonstrates the theorem of reaction force; the suppressed energy of the society is released all at once, subsequently injecting life to the dying aboriginal society. Yet, perhaps the intention to over-rectify is so forceful that representative groups, including those the dancers represent, all try to preserve their traditions; traditions become the guiding principle of aboriginal dance and music, while authenticity is the spiritual principle. A new question arose as I watched the performance: What is tradition? What is authenticity? Does wearing replicated traditional costumes, rapping traditional folk songs in a mother tongue that’s rarely used, imitating the movements of ancestors equates tradition and authenticity? Is that the mission of aborigines, the form in which the aborigines dance even? (Think about Difang Tuwana. Who would think he was only singing the songs of his ancestors and not his own?)



藝術總監暨編舞家Artistic Director&choreographer: CHUANG Kuo-Shin 莊國鑫
副團長Deputy Artistic Director:CHENG Ching- Hui 鄭靜


音樂設計Music Designer :CHUANG Kuo-Shin 莊國鑫、CHENG Ching- Hui 鄭靜

燈光設計Lighting Designer::洪國城

影像設計:CHUANG Kuo-Shin 莊國鑫

服裝設計Costume Designer:程彥菱

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