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Exploring the true meaning of the Hualien people's bodily sensations and the definition of returning home.

“Am I a host or a guest? The longer I am away from home, the vaguer the definition.”Ipun Kanasaw, dancer.

Titled after the telephone area code for Hualien on Taiwan’s East coast, home of the indigenous Pangcah people, 038 asks, ‘Where is home? What is home?’ It’s in everyone’s heart, but what does it look like in one’s mind? Its call may exist in the imagination, but the body remains engaged in the frantic pace of modern life. Contemporary but underpinned by traditional spirit, 038 reflects the anxieties and uncertainties of returning in an emotional search for ourselves and our roots

Critic Reviews
​| Press review 038 from Taiwan Season – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 |

★★★★★  By Seeing Dance

★★★★★  By The Wee

★★★★  By Broadway

★★★★  By The list

★★★★ By Across the Arts

| TAIWAN IN AVIGNON - Festival Off Avignon 2019 |


Éternel retour By Lola Salem

038 By Rmtnews International

​| Taiwan premiere |

038, The Song and Ocean Beyond The Body 
Performing Arts Reviews|Hsiang-Jun Fan


038, The Bottom of Sorrow and It's Perceptual Form 
Performing Arts Reviews  |  Hui-Ling Ji 

The Code that Unlocks Memory – Yiya Nalu Bay, 038
Performing Arts Reviews  |  Zhong-Shan Shih

038, Gaps and Convulsions
Performing Arts Reviews  |  Hong-Wen Lu

038, The Drifting Life of an Aborigine
Performing Arts Reviews |  Sifo Lakaw (Wen-Kuan Chung)


In the context of "sakero," the simple bamboo pole object has multiple meanings  Chang, Yi-Wen – Taishin Arts Award nominator

In "sakero," the bending and re-stepping steps break away from the original Pangcahilisin, and the movement forms and rhythms are deconstructed and reorganized into a cultural container.
Cheng, Yi-Fang – Critic of the Performing Arts Project

"sakero" has some clearly recognizable ritual movements, such as crossing hands in a circle,stomping, sliding, etc. 
Wu, Si-Feng – Taishin Arts Award nominator

"sakero" is a remarkable dance work that introduces us to the life and death of a culture.   Shi, Zhong-Shan - Dean, College of Indigenous Studies,National Dong Hwa University

Winning record

2018 PULIMA Art Award-Excellent Award


photo by Maria Falconer


Artistic Director/Choreographer: Kuo-Shin Chuang

Associate Artistic Director: Ching-Hui Cheng


Iciyang·Namoh (Taiwan, Edinburgh UK, Sheffield UK, Seoul Korea, Avignon France)

Yu-Yuan Wang (Taiwan, Edinburgh UK, Sheffield UK, Seoul Korea, Avignon France)

Ti Hung (Taiwan, Edinburgh UK, Sheffield UK, Seoul Korea, Avignon France)

Sawmah·Karoh (Taiwan, Edinburgh UK, Seoul Korea, Avignon France)

Yi-Fan Kao (Taiwan, Edinburgh UK, Sheffield UK, Avignon France)

Jing-Ru Wu (Taiwan, Edinburgh UK, Seoul Korea, Avignon France)

Chih Lin (Taiwan, Edinburgh UK, Sheffield UK, Avignon France)

Miya·Namoh (Taiwan, Sheffield UK, Seoul Korea)

Yu-Lun Liou (Taiwan, Edinburgh UK)

Wei-Li Hsu (Taiwan, Edinburgh UK)

His-Ya Li (Taiwan)

Lighting Designer: Yung-Hung Sung (Edinburgh UK, Sheffield UK, Seoul Korea)

Lighting Designer: Chih-Chien Cheng (Taiwan), David Ball (Avignon France)

Public Relationship and Translator: Hsin-Ya Tseng (Avignon France)

Projection Designer: Chia-Hao Chung 

Image: Chen-Chou Chang, Jyong-Jhe Huang , Yi-Fan Kao

Video: Qianmo Studio

Project Music Director /Composer: Yi-Ting Chen

Vocal: Mei-Huai Sun

Violin: Chia-Hao Lee

Cello: Peng-Yun Hsu

Accordion: Han-Chung Chang

Recorded/Mixed by Chun-Hsien Haung

Chuang Kuo Shin Pangcah Dance Theatre company core members

Artistic Director:Kuo-Shin Chuang

Company Music Director: Ching-Hui Cheng

Performers: Yi-Fan Kao, Miya·Namoh, Wei-Li Hsu, Namoh·Iciyang, Ti Hung, His-Ya Li, Chih Lin, Sawmah·Karoh, Yu-Yuan Wang, Yu-Lun Liou, Jing-Ru Wu


International Development Producer: Step Out Arts

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